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Company profile

Take the consumer as the center, serve for the retail enterprise, build the famous brand with the most complete variety, the best quality and the best service of the commercial refrigerator in China

Company profile
huamei corporation
Pursue excellence and lead the future

China zhejiang huamei cold chain technology co., LTD. Is in the integration of the former state-owned enterprises management resource base - hangzhou household electrical appliances industry company, formed a production, research and development, sales in the integration of cold chain group, which owns "beauty", "ice bears", "huaxing" and other well-known home appliance brand, enjoys high reputation in the industry. Zhejiang Huamei Cold chain Technology Co., Ltd. two bases are located in Zhejiang Leidian, Sanhe, has a standard workshop of 200,000 square meters, nearly 3,000 employees, annual output of 4 million commercial cabinets, refrigerators and other cold chain products。

"Ice Bear" brand was born in 1986, "Haier" and "Aucma" is one of the three famous brands

"Huamei" is one of the earliest home appliance brands in China, with a history of more than 30 years in the refrigeration industry. Huamei brand enjoys a high market share and obvious market advantage throughout the country, especially in east China. Over the years, Huamei brand has been recognized by consumers and has been awarded many honors: listed as recommended products by Consumers' Association of China; Rated as national customer satisfaction product by China Quality Association; It has been awarded the certificate of "quality inspection free products", "China famous Trademark" and "Zhejiang Famous Brand Products".

Beauty of air-conditioner has a reputation for "character casting products, dedicated users take the high-quality goods, realize enterprise sustainable management" business philosophy, has in zhejiang, fujian, guangdong, hunan, hubei, jiangxi, anhui, jiangsu, Shanghai, henan, hebei, shaanxi, Beijing, liaoning, heilongjiang and other 26 provinces and cities set up its own marketing network and after-sales service network, skip over the waves will sometimes, Sail straight to the sea! I believe that with the efforts of all bingxiong people, the support and trust of customers, and the care and attention of friends from all walks of life, Bingxiong will win a better tomorrow!

Make fresh life better
With the rise of smart home appliances and cold chain industry of medicine and food, Zhejiang Huamei Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd. firmly seize the historical opportunity, actively seek enterprise transformation and upgrading, deeply adjust the product structure, make fresh life better!
  • 1986
    Huamei cold chain was established in 1986
  • 20
    Annual output value of 200,000 freezers
  • 50+
    Serving countries around the world
  • 365
    It has 365 patented technologies
Colorful vision
Take the consumer as the center, serve for the retail enterprise, build the Chinese commercial refrigerator A famous brand with comprehensive variety, reliable quality and better service
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  • Huamei Core Values
    The Doctrine of Heaven and Filial piety
  • Huamei mission
    Create value for customers and seek well-being for employees; Achieving returns for shareholders and taking responsibility for society
  • The enterprise culture
    Innovation, opening up and win-win cooperation