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production base

Standing at the height of the industry's technology leader, we will continue to introduce world-class manufacturing equipment and constantly give "smart manufacturing" products more possibilities for renewal

production base
Intelligent manufacturing industry leader
Demonstrating its competitiveness with advanced equipment
Committed to industrial transformation and upgrading
Deep adjustment of product structure
With the efforts of all Huamei ice bears, a new generation of fist products have come to the fore in the market competition! A large number of new products such as cool (refrigerated) medicine cabinet, fruit wind curtain cabinet, vegetable and fruit cabinet, supermarket combined island cabinet, vertical air-cooled display cabinet, flower cabinet, ice cream cabinet and so on have been highly praised as soon as they are on the market! Riding the wind and waves will sometimes, hang the cloud sail directly to the sea.
with the rise of smart home appliances, medicine and food cold chain industries, Huamei group firmly grasped the historical opportunity, actively sought enterprise transformation and upgrading, and deeply adjusted the product structure。
  • Strong manufacturing capability
    • The company invests a lot of money to transform the equipment every year
    • A series of low-temperature freezer production lines are introduced from Italy's Kandi ibona company
    • Manufacturing of standard urban rail vehicles
    • There are national enterprise technology center, national local joint engineering research center, national postdoctoral workstation, provincial engineering technology research center and key laboratories
    • At present, it has an annual production capacity of 1 million freezers
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment
    At present, the company has imported cannon foaming machine, automatic liquid filling machine made in Denmark, Laibao vacuum pump made in Germany, Laibao leak detector made in Germany, ultrasonic welding machine made in Denmark, full-automatic (multi station) vacuum forming machine, Panasonic automatic sheet metal production line, vacuum pumping ring line, full-performance automatic temperature measurement line, full-automatic packaging line and other full-automatic and semi-automatic operation lines and their supporting safety early warning system, It is a manufacturer with perfect refrigeration equipment in the current industry.
Witness the strength of Huamei group
Over the years, Huamei brand has been recognized by consumers and has been awarded many honors: it has won the national best-selling domestic commodity Golden Bridge Award for eight consecutive years; It is listed as a product recommended by the Consumer Association of China; It is rated as a national user satisfied product by China Quality Association