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R & D capability
R & D capability

Intelligent manufacturing industry leader

Huamei group established an enterprise technology center in 1986, with an annual R & D and innovation investment of more than 50 million yuan, maintaining a leading position in the industry. At present, Huamei has national enterprise technology center, national local joint engineering research center, national postdoctoral workstation, provincial engineering technology research center and key laboratories. It has undertaken a number of national, provincial, municipal and district science and technology projects, won more than 460 national patents and participated in the revision of nearly 40 industrial standards

In 2003, it was recognized as "China's top ten brands of well-known freezer product quality notarization" by China Light Product Quality Assurance Center, awarded the certificate of "quality inspection free products" in 2007, and recognized as "China's well-known trademark" in 2008. In 2008 and 2009, he won the bid for the home appliances to the countryside project organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance twice. At the same time, he won the project of "exchanging old appliances for new ones", and won the honorary title of "China's top ten white electricity enterprises" in 2010 and "China's top ten freezer manufacturers" in 2011.